having to download trial of Illustrator to check old college files.


… Anndd ff course the only .ai file I needed is the only one that’s corrupted and unfixable. TYPICAL.

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if you work in sai the colours printed will be different. This is why I check my colours on CMYK in photoshop whilst working. Colours will always print less bright in CMYK too. Also the monitor brightness/darkness can impact your colours too.
The ones I printed were CMYK and some were even made 100% in photoshop :(
Dunno about the monitor brightness thing, but one of the pictures I was trying to print I had done one before with the cartridges that came with the printer and got it right by lightening the levels slightly, with the CISS the same image that printed perfectly with the old cartridges was waaayy to light, so I lowered the levels again, did a test and it was fine, so I saved the image with the lowered levels and printed it. And it was too light again despite the test being fine.
One of them which also had the final tweaks made in PS in CMYK had the background print brown, I figured it was because it was only a slight colour so I increased it ever so slightly. Still brown. Increased it a tiny bit more, suddenly it printed vivid purple.
It thinks all the light blues are green and all reds are orange, too.

I don’t know what else to think since it worked perfectly fine before the CISS was put on. I don’t understand how images that were perfect for printing are now horribly wrong and impossible to get right :( so I’d just rather use regular cartridges again and see if they work properly and if not then obviously something’s happened with the printer.


Okay this marvellous revolution in ink hates my freaking guts. 2 weeks trying to set the thing up, finally get it working, the colours are a little off which I was fine with, simple enough, just tweak stuff in PS.

5 wasted print quality pages of testing 8 images later I’ve managed to colour correct 2 pictures to a passable level, which I still am not happy with but it’s the best I can do.

Print full size of the image that printed perfectly fine in the test.

Colours totally wrong again.



I’m going back to regular cartridges, they might cost more but at least they don’t lie too meeee